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I'm going to do a playthrough challenge "can you beat Pokemon HeartGold with only 1 Mareep", and I'm stuck on what my plan is to beat Whitney. Any pointers would help :)

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There is precious little you can do. Miltank has better stats than Mareep in every category except Special Attack, which it doesn't use anyways. If the Mareep is female, it's at least able to avoid the effects of Attract. If it's male, you have to suffer from infatuation. You could attempt to Thunder Wave it and pray for parahax, Growl to make it less of a menace, EV train to help it resists attacks, or overlevel Mareep. All of these options are unreliable or time-consuming, and grinding out levels at the Daycare is likely your best bet, even if it is tedious. You could alternatively try to Toxic stall it, but it would take forever, and Mareep would probably be KOed.

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Ok thx, just saying, I'm still a little new to evs, but thx,do u get thunder from goldenrod department store?
Bec that with the over level thing is prob the best thing I can comprehend
You probably should get the TM for thunder from the department store.
If you're planning to drastically overlevel (Level 46) then don't buy the TM. However, you shouldn't need to grind so much, and it would be better to purchase it from the store, like sumwun said.
Ok thanks
Also aren't heartgold roms very glitchy?