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Let's play a game:

Let's say I have all the Pokémon,
and you had to choose only one Pokémon between any type, what would that type be?

Fire? Water? Dragon? Ice?

I mean, there sure are so many strong and unique types out there, each with strengths and weaknesses, right?

So what if I told you that, no matter what you chose, I would give you a Normal type?

You wouldn't be happy, right?

Furthermore, the Normal type I gave you would only be a level 20.

I can already hear you:

"But Torym, why da faq would you do that?
What normal type could possibly be good, especially at that level?

enter image description here
Need I say more?

Seriously, why was this pokémon such a pain?

I get it that back in the early 2000s internet wasn't a thing yet, and all the knowledge about types advantages and status ailments was either non existing or rarely present, but we're talking about a lvl 20 Normal Pokémon.

That's also known as high tier Team Rocket grunt, for crying out loud!

So let me ask again:
Why so many people, me included, had so many problem with Whitney's Miltank?
Was she such an unstoppable force or were we just lousy trainers?

Let me know DataBase!

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Because it ends Nuzlockes with Rollout spam, kills Gastly with Scrappy Stomps, and is annoying as $#@! with Milk Drink. The only reason I survived was Geodude and Rock Smash clutch Defence drops, who was immune to Attract because she was a dudette.
Are you okay there buddy?
it feels like you have A BIT of a grudge against this pink fat cow

...and her Pokémon ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ)
Female Steelix?
normal types are underrated
not even the worst type
match up wise

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Well, lets look at miltank.
Stats: 95/80/105/40/70/100

So 3 stats all around 100 at a point of the game where you may luck out with a highest base stat of 80 (bar an Onix)

Type: Normal.
Only 1 weakness in fighting, which at the point of the game you probably have maybe 1-2 moves to choose from, Rock Smash, which with only base 40 vs Miltanks 95/105 physical bulk will do virtually nothing, and maybe a double kick Nidoran/Nidorina/Nidorino if you went ahead to catch it. Which is OKbut Miltank has ways around this

Milk Drink
Roll Out

Basically, this thing is an NU Haxgod in competitive.

Milk Drink + Super Potions = Tons of healing.

Attract, generally when you dont have SE moves you usually go to your highest Level Poke, which is usually your starter. starters have an 87.5% chance of being male. Miltank is always female. Happy valentines day.

Stomp: So you probably have 50% chance to attack from attract, let's use 100 base speed with a stab move and 30 chance to flinch fix that. Oh wait you hit me? Drinks Milk

Rollout. Let her hit 2 in a row, then pray to Arceus she misses one or your dunzo funzo.

Conclusion: Since it's practically impossible to one shot her(or even 50 her) she pretty much will hax you to death. High Stats Great Recovery and little weakness at this stage of the game makes her a menace.

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Good answer!!
Thanks for the answer Yang!
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lol I thought that miltank was just me
i havent experience that miltank(i haven't played the johto game), but it looks pretty Scary!