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Seismic toss, heal bell, milk drink and udderly blank(HAHA stupid cow jokes) so what last move?

Why is it flagged?

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Body Slam

Good Power, STAB and a chance to paralyze.

Stealth Rock

If you use Milktank as a lead, Stealth Rock is a good option as it can cripple the Pokemon switching in.


This is for Steel Types that Milktank can't really touch.


Wears down the opponent and you can just realax and drink milk
This however does mean you are heavily reliant on Sesemic Toss if you are taunted

Zen Headbutt

Coverage to Milktank's only weakness, fighting. With 90% accuracy it is on the reliable side. It also gives off some flinch chance that can be a lifesaver when you are in a tight spot, unless the Pokemon has Inner Focus or SteadFast.

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I'll best answer but I have fifty million rock setters so ima just use zen headbutt so I can stay in on fighting types and I have seismic for things I cant hit hard
Rollout is an awesome move.Even Pikachu's thunder,thunderbolt attack could not touch it