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I think so, as all of Steelix's stat points are loaded up into defense. 200/510 of them to be exact. That's around 40% of his stat points in defense. It is also really hard to attack with it. I played with it in sword and shield and all it does is take hits. And not even from special attacks. Only physical. Its amazing how Onix is worse. What's your thought?

you mean in comp or story? otherwise hard to answer

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I agree that Steelix isn't the greatest, though I've had better luck in battle with ones that have an adamant, brave, careful, or sassy nature.

Adamant ups attack, lowers special attack
Brave ups attack, lowers speed
Careful ups special defense, lowers special attack
Sassy ups special defense, lowers speed

I find these natures the best because Steelix's special attack and speed are already awful anyway.