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So I have Pokemon Black and I had finally beat it when I found another HM. This HM was dive. I tried it and went into the ruins at the bottom but, what do I get down there besides items on the ground? And what's the "noise" I hear in the distance before the ruins kick me out? I really don't understand!


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You find the Relic Items and the Type Plates inside the Abyssal Ruins. You can sell the Relics for high prices. The Plates can be used to boost the type they are(Spooky Plate can boost the power of Ghost type moves.), and they also change the type of Arcues to the type of the plate(Spooky Plate changes Arcues to the Ghost type.). The "Noise" is nothing, nobody really knows and it doesnt seem to be important in either Black/White or Black/White 2.

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Actually "the noise" is your timer you have a limited amount of time to get through the maze to the top.
Okay, with this new information, let me ask a somewhat new restatement of the origional question... I understand that there's a timer so, what happens when I make it trough the maze "to the top" then?
When you get to the top you can get the item that you can sell for the most(dont exactly remember the name right now) money. Then you get pushed out after you limit is up.

SP yes the noise is considered the timer but we dont know what is making the noise
It's called a relic crown.