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Just a central section for all the different things you can do on the different sections with your points.

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Extra privileges of special users:

  • Experts gain the ability to retag and edit any post, even if they do not have the required points; the "expert" title is given to users who reach 6,000 points on PokeBase and is usually not given otherwise
  • Editors (hand-picked) can hide, reshow, approve and reject posts
  • Moderators (hand-picked) can ban users, view users' IP addresses, promote experts and change the avatar preferences of any user


30 points to post on walls
30 points to vote up
40 points to flag
80 points to vote down
100 points to create new tags
6,000 to be able to edit and retag posts made by other people
25 to post questions and answers without moderation
200 to post answers on old questions without moderation


30 to post on walls
30 to vote up
40 to flag
60 to vote down
1,000 to retag questions made by other people
2,000 to edit posts made by other people
40 to post anything without moderation

Battle Subway

30 to post on walls
30 to vote up
40 to flag
60 to vote down
900 to retag questions made by other people
1,000 to edit posts made by other people
40 to post anything without moderation


You must be registered and have your email confirmed to post in chat. Points give you no abilities in chat, directly.

Editors and Moderators may kick users from chat, which makes the user unable to view the conversation for ten minutes. They will be able to use the chat like normal after ten minutes have passed. A kick is not a ban from the site, only the chat room.

See also: Points gained for each action

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I've edited to put in the correct numbers :)
I've got at least 30, why can't I vote?
well actually you have zero meta points
I thought they changed the 200 for tags to 500?
i have 30 points y can't i vote on meta?
you have 25 meta points
Kyron, that was 2 months ago when I first came to the site. I've figured that out now. :P
So you have certain amount of points for each section?? Like ten for Meta, 20 for PB, and 30 for BS. Is that how it works?
i can't vote with 46 points. i can flag though.
I've got 40 points on the PB, but can't vote. Why is that?
They changed it.
You need 30 points to add wall posts.
^ Actually, yeah, could we add that in to please? Also, it's 30 for each section, so you need 30 on all 3 to post in all 3 places >.>
Can this be changed so you're actually able to post on your own wall, regardless of points?  That would be nice.
can you update this? i have 700+ points on the database and i cant create new tags  and im sure other sections arent updated, thanks.
I can create tags, I'm pretty sure it's really 300 points
No you cant (you privileges are the same as mine), and i have more points than you and i still cant.
i can downvote and im not at 100 points yet
Thanks its really helpful