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Just a central section for all the different things you can do on the different sections with your points.


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You can earn basic privileges, like voting and posting on walls, using points. The amount of points required to perform each action varies according to the section you are using. The table below provides an overview:

Point requirement table

You can also skip the 'checked and approved' message that appears on your posts using points. This will cause your posts to become public immediately. You need 25 points to do this in the section you post on. However, on the main section, you need 200 points to skip the prompt when posting an answer on an old question.

If you can't load the image, view the list of requirements using this document.

Note that if you earn an extra privilege on one section, you won't be able to use it on the other sections until you reach the points requirement in those sections as well. (So, you will be able to to vote on the main section if you have 30 points there, but that does not mean you will be able to vote on Meta if you have only 20 Meta points.)

To use the chat room, you must use a registered account with a confirmed email. Points independently do not award any privileges in the chat room.

Some privileges are restricted to users who have been promoted, including experts, editors and moderators. Quality contributors receive promotions based upon community and moderator input.

  • Experts can retag and edit any post on any section, even if they do not have the required points.
  • Editors can also hide, reshow, close, approve and reject any post, and kick users off chat. They can also access the moderating tools inside the staff-only admin.
  • Moderators can also ban users, view users' IP addresses, promote experts, view special user pages, see who submitted votes and flags, and change the avatar preferences of any user.

To learn how to gain points, check the answer to the question linked here.

(Updated May 2020.)

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No you cant (you privileges are the same as mine), and i have more points than you and i still cant.
i can downvote and im not at 100 points yet
Thanks its really helpful
After how long does a post become old?
I'd approximate that be around two weeks, but I'm not exactly sure.