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So, I'm sure you've all seen the many TCG decks posted on the Battle Subway. I strongly suggest making a separate place on the site just for those. According to my count, 22 decks have been posted in the past month or two. Plus, I'm not sure they belong in the BS. The BS is titled, and I copy-paste: Battle Subway - RMT . RMT (standing for Rate My Team) is for teams, not decks. But they don't have a section anywhere else, and we certainly can't outlaw them. So just my two cents on the rising subject.

[1]: http://s19.postimage.org/aelmzqxr7/Darkrai2.jpg
Fate Itself was here!

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At the moment I don't think they are popular enough for a separate section. Even if they were, they do fit with the Battle Subway quite well.

I meant to change the wording to allow "Rate My Deck" questions as well, will get round to it at some point. I'm currently debating a few other options with the whole Q&A thing in general.

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And technically, aren't decks essentially a team as a whole?