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I'm getting a feeling they're gonna start clogging up the Pokebase like the RMTs did...

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I know blobylo asked a similar question recently, but it was not 100% clear of what he meant, so I just asked this just to clarify what that meant...
Or, we could do what I  suggested, and get a TCG tab, like Meta and battle Subway, if Pokemaster had the time.
That could be an option, but there isn't really enough of these questions for them to have their own tab. They're still team questions, anyway...

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Yes, I was thinking the same. Since they are questions about teams rather than about how the TCG works, they probably should go on Battle Subway.

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You can't forget though, it IS just Trachy and a couple of other people (including me) asking the questions.
Yeah, but, if they get HUGEly populat like the team questions did, we could have a problem, so I decided to try and clean this up early...