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If nobody else has noticed, there have been tons of voting issues going on, and at the moment we have the point limit where you need 80 points in the pokebase, and I believe 30 in the BS to vote. ( Not 100% about meta. )

And I think those are a bit too low. The range of users who can vote has gotten so wide that when we have things like spam voting, tracking someone can become more difficult. And honestly, I think it should require about 300 or so points in the Pokebase, and 100 or so points in the BS.

This will make it to where the user who is voting will actually be known by the community, and will have been here long enough to comprehend the voting process.

Just a suggestion.

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Good idea. If this happens I wont be able to upvote good posts on meta or rmt anymore. But like a class if someone messes up we all get in trouble. Good post either way.

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Yes, I may change this in the future. But I don't want to make it too high because it would be annoying to be here for weeks and not be able to vote.

I sort of wish people voted a little more on questions and answers in general (good ones, obviously). This way spam upvoting doesn't really have much of an effect.

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