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Togekiss says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Two years old! Hopefully, it'll continue on!

Congratualations Pokemaster, on making an awesome site! Congrats to everyone else for making the site they best it can be!

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Yes, congrats.
Birthday is on the 19th?
I made it early. In 6 more minutes in my time, it will be 4/20.
Was going to post a 'happy b'day, but I was unsure what day of April it was...
I was going to post this too XD
How do you know it's today?
We have all been part of history HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!
Hex, I got it from here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/2434/happy-birthday-pokebase-1-year-old#a9462
Pokemaster edited it to saw 18th recently, so I had no idea.

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I thought it was the 18th actually, although the first remaining question is from the 20th. Basically, I don't want to share our birthday with potheads and Hitler ;D

Also, I changed the title to Pokebase, as it's only the Q&A section. Pokemon Database, the site, has been around for about 4 years now.

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