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Becuase over the past little while I have found many comments that are answers and becuase of my time zone I can't really just go to chat and find swampert, trachy, dt or you, and tell you. and these answers are things like saying thank you or asking another question

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If pokemaster doesn't allow this,put the links in this question and the, qoute "Database Trio" and their master can edit them
Hehehehehe. I was really smart there wasn't I?
I don't know how this works is it supposed to work and do you write it as a comment?
Are you going to answer pokemaster

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Weird, thought I already answered this one, maybe it was on another question but the next version of this software should automatically give privileges to people with higher scores, e.g. anyone over say 10,000 points might be able to edit questions/answers.

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Oh when do you except to have this update
You did answer this question, I remember.
I assue then that editors will be the only ones able to hide though?
@trachy, yeah I would keep that for selected people only. @sf, I thought it was in the version that just came out but it's not. You might have a nice surprise tonight ;)
Thanks Pokemaster I will not fail you
Awwweeee its gonna take me fffffoooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeerrrrrr to get that far im only at 528