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I know we are allowed to hide them if they are the same as another or have moves that they can not learn, but can we hide movesets that just plain stink? Like Gyrados: Hydro-pump, Surf, Strength, and Hail. They do not contribute to the moveset page at all, if we got rid of them it would make the place look cleaner. Obviously some sets are better than others but only getting rid of the obviously terrible sets. There has been a bit of debate about this before and I would like to know whether or not we should hide them?


OH I know a good set for Serperior!
Item: Black-sludge
Ability: Contrary
Nature: Brave

Coil, Calm-mind, Swords-dance, and Mega-drain.

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That was the idea. It was an example of a bad moveset.
Yeah. I know. (One of my friends had no idea what black sludge does and created a moveset similar to this.  XD)
I must disagree to this.
If it is a bad moveset, it gets downvoted. Simple.
We shouldn't hide it as long it doesn't break the rules or include illegal moves that that Pokemon can learn.
I say any moveset is okay, as long as it follows rules and all ^
The point is, they contribute nothing to the question and make the site look like it is full of inexperienced people.
the worst ive seen is this=
nature adment
item:macho brace: mega kick(he cant even learn it)
dragon pulse!!
fire punch
slash(ok slash was kind of a good idea but in the end i hid it)

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Anything that is obviously really bad, then yes please hide it.

Note if something is slightly unusual (say, two Water attacking moves) then it would be OK if the person gives a reason. So in those cases post a comment asking for explanation.

Don't forget, for people without the hiding privilege, that you can vote down bad posts.

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