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How do earn privileges like hiding or flagging?

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You'll need a certain amount of points.


80 to vote and flag.
200 to create new tags.
6000 to edit things.

Meta+Battle Subway

30 to vote and flag.
500 to retagg questions.
800 to edit things.


Experts: These are picked by Mods + Pokemaster. They can edit in all sections.

Editors: These are Hand-Picked by Pokemaster. Show great answers, respect, and all-around good posts. They tend to have at least 10,000 points on Pokebase, and can Edit, Hide, or Reshow anything, anywhere.

Moderators: Hand-Picked by Pokemaster. They can view IP Addresses, Edit anything, Hide anything, Reshow anything, Pick Best Answer for any question, Ban Users, give users privileges listed above, Ban IPs, and remove Flags. Basically Pokemaster's second hand people. Bow down to them o| > o/ > o_

This was from what I know, if I got a number wrong or something, please tell me or comment.

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It Is 500 To Create NEW Tags.
im bowwing o_ > o/ > o| > o/ > o_
You spelled Bowing wrong, and dat be my thing.
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80 TO VOTE IN PB. Darn I thought it was forty and im at like 38.