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Let's say the question is "How does Pikachu evolve?"

User1's answer- You need to use a Thunder Stone.

Because that answer is answered correctly no one else can answer it. The answer option is gone. This will solve the problem of answering questions that are already solved.

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This won't work. Always. Let's say this:
What's the name of the Poison Type gym leader in B&W2?
Answer: Blah Blah <---- We don't know if that's true yet.
But after release, another person can give an updated answer.
this is if it was answered CORRECTLY if it'd not that reliable you could still answer
Yes, the database has gained the sentience needed to know what a good answer is and block all others from answering.
>Implying that nobody else is capable of editing posts

I actually like this idea, and it has been suggested before I believe. Pokemaster did mention that there would be a way to lock questions.

I'd suggest making it where a question is locked after awarding best answer. If it is answered incorrectly or something like that, then Moderators are able to simply remove the BA and fix things accordingly, not to mention the fact that posts could still be flagged and eventually removed, making the question fair game for being answered again.
I made a suggestion a little while ago that Editors and Mods could "lock" questions that have been resolved so that they could not be answered again.

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What I am planning to do is stop newer users from answering old questions. But there are a lot of things I want to customize in the new version of the Q&A software, so it's taking a while.

And I've also not done any work on the site for the past few weeks because things are still up in the air from the DMCA thing.

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