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I am not sure if they are contained in the "What questions not to ask part of the rules".

Questions about online Pokemon RPGs - they are unofficial web sites
with their own rules; go and ask them if you have a problem.

Because Pokemon-Online is not official. I do not mean things like "Staraptor switched in and my Attack did less damage, BTW this occured on PO" because those things can occur in the regular games (in this case Intimidate). I mean things like "PO is not working" or "Why wont it download?" wouldn't these be included in things that one should ask the Pokemon Online site? Or are they fine as many people on the site have PO and can offer their help because of their similar experiences?

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In general, no they are not allowed because of the rule you quoted. We are not a technical support site for other products (we don't allow things like "help, my DS broke").

So questions about why PO isn't working or how to fix something are not allowed. Don't worry about hiding old questions though. It might be worth taking one of the current questions and making a single question like "How can I fix problems with Pokemon Online?" that we can use in case of duplicates.

However, some PO questions are fine, if they actually relate to Pokemon. Like this one about Toxicroak because it's more about why you can't have a specific move combination.

Let me know if you find a good question already here that can be used for dupes. This one has a decent answer already:
Cool, i was duly noted!! At least i know i did not break any rules with the PO question.