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I am sorry but there are a few questions about something that I don't quite understand. can someone please make it clear to me?

Question 1.

When an answer is hidden after it receives an up / downvote, then they will lose any points gained and keep any points lost correct? Well, if a question that received an upvote was hidden, but later re-shown, would you gain the points from hiding it back?

Question 2.

If someone hides a question that you have received upvotes for or BA (for e.g it was flagged) would you still retain the upvotes? Or would thy=ey be lost in the same way if an answer was to be hidden?

Thanks for humouring me a bit. ;}

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Question 1:

The points gained from upvotes or BA are kept, points lost from downvotes on hidden posts are also kept.

Question 2:

Same as question one, points gained or lost would be kept. If you upvoted this answer and I hid it/you hid the question, the 10 points I gained from that upvote would be kept, same for a down vote.

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