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Allot of people recently including my self have been wondering about the whole expert status thing.

Some have been saying its a meaningless title as its just the same as hitting 6000 which may seem odd coming from top users but it seems a valid point.

Why do we have Experts handpicked, they are only ever picked when they hit 6000?
-We can already edit at 6000 so why handpick?
-If people are handpicked points shouldnt matter right?
-Would it not make more sense to be automaticly assigned Expert status when hitting 6000?

Why should you need 6000 to edit?
-Expert is not just any old easy receivable privalige, why should registered users get the same privlages?
-Why 6000? Why shouldn't people like Unrecognizable who is a big help on Pokebase, a decent contributer to Meta and Bs and a loyal databaser be able to edit. (Answer he has 4000 points, well thats a very good amount, why should points matter so much)
-Would it not be easyer if mods could give users extra privlages for certain sections? (i know this one sounds a little odd)

So Why are Experts handpicked? Why do they have the same privlages as a registered user can receive?

Sorry for bugging you but id just like some explinations as im very confused :D What is the meening of expert nower days?

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I remember Pokemaster saying something like points are no bigge, but around 4,000 and up generally states you've come to know the Pokebase and its rules and whatnot.
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It's a throwback to the old days of Pokebase, when all the mods were hand-picked.

We started off with Experts, who could edit any post. People were given Expert status when they reached about 10000 points.

Later on that was reduced to 6000, and people over 10000 were given Editor status, which meant they could hide posts as well.

Later still and the software we use added the ability to allow users with N points edit posts, which was set at 6000. That has basically taken over from Expert status, which is why it's described as a meaningless title. However we can't set Expert status based on points.

As for why 6000, it was just a number that at the time seemed to cover all our best users. You are right that there are many good users under 4000 so I may lower it to 5k or 4k at some point.

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Hand-picked. That word reminds me of hand-picked potatoes :3
Thanks for clearing some points up :)