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Questions in the title.


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Absol, no need to be rude, and grammar exists ;).

The old way to become a Gym Leader, was to conquer the league, or fill in for an old one. Now we are following DT's system.

Expert: 6000 points on Pokebase.

Editor: Pokemaster picks, based on if we need one.

Moderator: Pokemaster's society of the awesome ducks. In all seriousness, to be one you need to be the best of the best, a good point area is 20000+.

I fit Moderator criteria!
Just kidding. Not best of the best yet lol
Mew, if I could, there would be 2 more Mods, 3 more Editors, and 2 more Experts.
I was just asking a simple question. i don't have enough time to devote to pursuing any of that, whether i want to or not. But i was curious what the criteria was. that's all.
@ Ninja, I'm almost there!