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On the pokedex, you should put up a section where people can see the pronounciation of pokemon, like


I have trouble especially with pronouncing Unova Pokemon like Kyurem.

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Good idea and I think this was mentioned before.
P.S. it would be "ma-ji-carp" ;)
This would be awesome.
Just yesterday I found out how to Luxio.
I'd been saying it wrong forever.
This might be bias, since everyone pronounces the names differently.
(ex. Raikou (Ry-koo) some people pronounce it (Ray-koo) for some reason.)
And the only way we can get official pronunciations are from the show; and the show does not pronounce all of the Pokemon names.
Here's mine:
So, Pokemaster, will you put it on? I understand Sam Sam Sam Sam's point, but can you put the ones you know for sure like Pikachu?
Wha? Always thought it was "Pee-kuh-choo"
It is Pee-Kuh-Choo, Pee-Ku-Choo makes it seem like it should be spelt Pikuchu

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I like this idea, I'll add it to my (massive) list.

P.S. I thought it was pee-kah-choo not pee-kuh-choo.

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I would like to help!
Sure, I'll set something up at some point to allow others to help.
Epic Idea :O
I have a book on D/P Pokemon and how to pronounce them. That might be a big help.
I have a book like that also. High-Five brotha! JK!