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Sorry If this has already been suggested I couldn't find it.

I know you state clearly in the rules consider to post a comment on why you down vote.
Ex: "If you vote something down, please consider adding a comment so that it can be improved!") Straight from the RULES

I rarely see someone post a comment for why users down-vote. How we need to put more information in our box labeled ("More information for your question") without adding words here we can't ask a question I suggest a similar operation for down-voting.

  • When you ask a question you HAVE to put a reason why you down voted.

So when we down vote it should say something like ("Reason for Down-Vote").
This would be very helpful in my Opinion,So when we see the comment users can be like Oh I really should fix that.Then maybe an option for after your answer is Corrected the user may remove the vote?If this suggestion is accepted,For the user who would like there vote removed and the other user won't remove it for whatever reason EX: I didn't know He/she edited His/Her question.Mods/Editors can be able to remove it sorta like flags.

Well that is my suggestion.

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I am 50/50 on this.
This may work because it helps the person that got down-voted improve their answers/questions.
This will NOT work because it is darn annoying, and its easy to get straight to the point, either the answer/question is good or bad. Simple.
But people down vote for other reasons not because they are good/incorrect so they won't be able to down vote for irrelevant reasons.Thats the point I am trying to get across thanks for your feedback.
I like this suggestion a lot actually.  Make sure though that the computer won't let you down vote, without a helpful comment.

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I'm not sure about this. I can see the benefit, but I think it will be too annoying for many people to comment on every downvote.

Thanks,Yes I see were it can get annoying at.