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Ok, so, on on peoples' profiles, can it show who has up-voted and down-voted our answers and questions? So then, you can thank that person whoever up-voted it. And if they down-voted, then you could then ask the person why they down-voted. So, is it possible that that can be added?

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I don't like this idea. It will cause mass chaos. Some users who don't have the responisbility saying "Why Did You Spam Down My Answer??????" and go on about all day when the other is saying: "Its because it was a.... bad answer." And then it will eventually cause bans to those users. Same with upvoting. If someone got Spammed up and someone would say: "____ please take away that vote. It is Spam." The unressponsible user will bet angry and Beg to keep the vote. See what i'm saying?
I'm 50/50 on this.
On one hand, this would be good to find out who down-voted a good answer and ask them why.
On the other, going with what Pika said, maybe only some users can see it on there profile and it's hidden from users who can't have it.
I agree with pika.
I really don't like this idea.
1. It can cause a bunch of drama for one stupid down-vote (which has happened before)
2. Who cares who up-voted you.
3. If you get a down-vote you probably got it for a good reason unless you angered someone.
4. If you get an up-vote you probably got it from someone who thought you did a good job of asking or answering. (Unless you guys are scum who are scum up-voting each other.)

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No, I'm not going to add this, not for regular users anyway. The mods might get something to help combat spam etc. But it's not important to everyone else who upvoted them.

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