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I have been seeing a lot of people do things that are not stated in rules for the lazy and many people break these rules so I think stating some seemingly obvious ones would be useful.

Asking "Which Pokemon should I choose" with Pokemon that are not similar

Do not ask things like "Which should I choose Honchekrow or Alakazam?" These Pokemon do not have similarities so one can not compare them. You can only ask a question like this if they are similar like Slowking vs. Slowbro.

Asking questions that can be quickly looked up

Questions like "What level does this Pokemon evolve at?" are easy to look up. But in some cases when you look up locations for things like TMs and other items they are very vague example: TM Earthquake, Relic cave. Relic cave is very large so it would be acceptable to ask for more detail.

Re-asking/answering your question/answer after it gets hidden

If a post you put up has been hidden because it has broken the rules, please do not ask it again. A close check of the rules often helps the problem.

We do not want YOUR movesets, we want GOOD movesets.

We are tired of seeing this:

IDK if this is good, but I use it so here it is"


My Serperior is so BAWS. It's level 100 and it beat the Elite 4 like 20 times AND I'M NOT LYING!!!
-Leaf Storm
-Giga Drain
-Energy Ball

Putting the word "Question" in your question

For the sake of people reading through your posts, don't put the word "question" or anything like that in a question, people already know, since you're asking it in the first place. For example, if you want to know "Why is my Electivire not learning Cross Chop," don't word the post as "Cross Chop Question" and then put the actual part above in the description. It makes things harder for people reading through it.

Answering resolved questions

Do not answer a question that has been answered unless the other person is wrong or you can add lots more info (Sources and trivial information are not considered lots more info). If there is an old question and you do not think the current answer is correct check with an Expert/Editor/Mod/Pokemaster before answering it to make sure you are not the wrong one. Do not answer questions by saying "I do not know" or "(insert username here) is right that is what happens" that is unhelpful, spam, and point grubbing and will be hidden.

Do not answer a question, and then say "but I'm not completely sure."

Question: What is the max number of EVs a Pokemon can have??

Answer: 510, but i'm not completely sure.

How does this ^ help anyone?? The person asked because they want a definate answer, not a hypothetical guess.

Questions that only Game freak can answer

Why does Candice wear a skirt?
candice is my fave gym leader but there is one thing that I had never realised till now. why does she wear a skirt even if she is the snowpiont city gym leader and it ALWAYS snows there?

Only Game freak can answer these questions and they are rather trivial. However there are some questions that are not so trivial that may seem similar like the question about the statue in the Pokemon League in Black as some people may think there is a mystery behind it. Though asking why someone or something has a detail like clothing is silly and should not be asked.

Do not ask questions about Pokemons appearences

"If Heatran is Fire/ Steel-Type, why does he look like a Bug Type??"
"Why does Charizard look like a Dragon if it is not Dragon-Type??

The Chat

In the chat saying a swear word and censoring 1 letter is still swearing and we prefer if you keep that to a minimum thank you. Spamming is still spamming even if you change the word or phrase you spam each time. No trying to provoke other users into fights. Also please refrain from talking about controversial subjects in the chat(Religions, 2012. etc.), so that way we can keep the drama to a minimum, usually there are other sites for those subjects and you can talk about them there. Cyber bullying will not be tolerated. Also do not give any personal information out online: E-mail, location (Country should be fine though), phone number etc. this can be potentially dangerous:

(And this is not even worst case scenario)

Check the Anime FAQ before about anime

DT worked hard on the Anime FAQ so use it. If you think there is something missing on it just comment on it and it may get added.

Voting for personal reasons

Do not vote up/down anyone because you like/dislike him/her. In Upvotes the person you up vote frequently feels bad about not earning their points, and you and they can get in big trouble. Spam down-votes are very immature and are punished severely, you will always get caught as Pokemaster has a program to see who votes and Experts/Editors/Mods are always on the look out for bad votes.


When choosing BA always choose the better answer or if both are equally good the one who answered first. Do not just choose BA because that person has a certain number of points. For example DT gives a really good, long, and detailed answers but another person with only a few points gives a good but not as good answer. Do not pick the lower point user the BA just because he needs the points, but also it works the opposite way, do not think just because a user has more points that their answer is better.


DO NOT OBSESS OVER THEM!!! Many times on the site people have gone crazy over the slightest point change and it is so annoying. They are little numbers on a Pokemon site! They do not matter that much. Though if you do suspect a spam down/up-vote that is different, talk to an expert/editor/mod/Pokemaster if you suspect something. Also do not ask others to vote up your Q/As it is very annoying and rude.

Do not post movesets from other sites on the moveset posts

That is plagiary and it is not acceptable, it is ok if you made a set yourself and it happened to be on another site as well, but never directly copy a set from any other site.

Don't keep asking for BA or Up-Votes

Don't go on Chat or comment asking for your answer to be upvoted or BA'ed. You will get it if you deserve it. It does not look good for you to keep asking. It's better you get the points through Good Q+A's than through begging.

I really hope you follow these guidelines :) we really appreciate good rule-following users. If anyone thinks I have left something out please comment.

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Yeah DT, I hate it when people do [that][1]. :P

  [1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/11540/magma-armor-flame-body-question
The implied rule about people looking up easy questions seems kind of stupid to me though. It's a Q&A website, and people come in at different skill levels, so questions like that aren't going to be as complex as others. I don't see why we should turn those away and say "just google it" or something because we think it's too simple ourselves. I'm not talking about the ones where it's a simple pokedex look-up either, as the site has that covered. It seems to defeat the purpose of a Q&A site  if we are to disallow beginner's questions. With the "where can I find pokemon X" you might have to do something more specific than what is outlined in a description, like in a Safari Zone for Heart Gold as an example.
Well I was referring to the very easy ones where it says so specifically in the Pokedex on this site. Like I said there are some exception in cases where it is very vague and they are confused they can ask.
Case in point, but I think you should use a different example then, as the one you have contradicts your point. Maybe something like "What level does Pidgeotto evolve at?" There's not really any debate on that one; it's definitely a "just look it up." That or clarify more and give a link to the pokedex gallery to make things more convenient for people reading this.
Really Trachy? 1 year=/= a couple of days.

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Good work, speed freak. I changed the anime heading because anime questions are allowed to be asked but not unanswerable things like "why did they do that" etc. Here is one more that UberPwnage mentioned:

No huge images, please

Sprites are absolutely fine. (I might find a way to make it super easy to add those.) Gigantic artwork images are not.

Anything about the size of the images in our Pokedex is okay as long as only one or two are used. Please avoid using them on the moveset answers as then they start taking up huge amounts of space again.

This one is getting a bit big. I ought to find a way to align these to the side so we can wrap text round them.

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Thank you for bringing up my point.
Hex........... :P
I don't get it
Hex always gets over excited when making the occasional rmt having pictures just able to fit the page.