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According to Google, trivial means "of little value or importance". However, the "Avoid trivial questions" rule says that questions that can easily have their answers found on the Pokemon DB should not be asked. The examples it gives for those types of questions are "What level does Dewott evolve at?" and "What is Aqua Jet's base power?". In my opinion, those are not trivial questions.

Also, I think that there should be a rule that says that questions that have answers that have little value or importance should be added. Adding a rule like this would prevent troll questions (Cough) from staying up.

I like the way that cough was added.
But I think it would be worthwhile to enforce something like this against questions that are utterly, completely pointless and require a lot of effort to be answered. However, it's important to remember that these questions aren't necessarily harming anybody - it's just another unanswered question on the unanswered list. I think that's why nobody has cared about these questions in the past.
Thought I'd just throw in that I've never liked this rule at all, and personally I think we should just do away with it. It's a bit confusing as the original post brings up, and following on from that I don't really see the point of it. Perhaps they interrupt the activity feed, but at the same time, these questions don't come about often and when they do, they can be resolved instantly and sent down the activity list. Happy to have my mind changed, but right now I'm not sure what we get out of enforcing this.
I'm going to quickly plug this post I made a while back -- I suggested some changes to the rules and I think it would deal with everything mentioned here. It excludes the "trivial" rule but we can add that back if necessary.
You're the one who seems to enjoy answering these questions...
I really don't like those unbelievably pointless, obscure and overly complicated troll questions. I am completely in favour of a rule against them, but I also understand that it's hard to define exactly what a "pointless" question is, so… I dunno. I just think something should be done :|
I mean, Mods and Editors are smart enough to decide if these types of questions are good enough on a per basis. We don't need a rule, we need more Editors!
Um.. yeah why would you ask something if you can just look it up?
The "can be easily looked up" rule is already official. The proposed rule prevents trivial questions, like "How many NPCs are there?" That's a lot harder to look up.

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