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I'll update this thread with progress since not everything's done just yet. Sorry for the delay, we hit a few problems on the way.

Friday - currently running a "reindexing" script on the main Pokebase... sorry it's taking ages! OK I gave up with this now as it took about 3 hours to do less than a quarter of what it needed to do.

A few notes about the new features, mainly for mods/editors:

  • Closing questions is for ones that break the rules, such as duplicates or pure opinion ones. I have turned off closing for now, until I figure out a way to make it not suck.
  • Spam/offensive posts should just be hidden as usual.

If you find any problems on the site, please report them here. I am aware of the error (Notice: Undefined index) on the lists of user's questions/answers and will fix asap.

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So Cool!
That CLOSE option is long overdue!! Thank you so much.
A Few Questions...

 1. Hey Poke'master What Does Closed Mean?
 2. What Is The Weird Sign On The B/A's?
 3. What Does Voting Posts Down Mean?
 4. New Rules?
 5. Same Privelleges?
Thanks! Again Love The New db! :)
Poke'master I Am Positive I Have Been A User For Two Months But It Says Only One
Good Idea.

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Notice: Undefined index: closedbyid in
/var/www/pokemon/pokebase/meta/qa-theme/Pokemon_meta/qa-theme.php on
line 234

This pops up by every Q.

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This should be fixed now!
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Minor display problems, but some of the Best Answers on some questions have the check mark image displays it improperly and makes it look like a bunch of green triangles.
There is also funny little fuzzies next to the star on questions when you add it Favorites.

  • Edit: Not sure if it was on purpose (but I am happy with it), just to let you know, if you click your username on Meta, it now sends you to your Meta user profile instead of your Pokebase profile.
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Your Back!
Welcome To The New Poke'mondb!
Thanks :)
I've kept myself busy with personal projects.
Thanks Sam, the checkmark thing should be fixed (if you see it again, make sure to reload the page first so you get the latest version).

And I know about the links to meta profiles. I'm planning to link each profile to the ones on the other sections.
Oh okay great! This is a very nice upgrade so thanks for everything!