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I received pokemon ranger guardian signs this Christmas and just then I noticed this database doesn't have any Info I can see about pokemon ranger and mystery dungeon games! can somebody explain why??

PS: I'm talking about locations and things like that.

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Because this site's main focus is the main series
And if you do have questions about Pokemon Ranger and other Pokemon series games, ask them anyways!
There could be other members on this site that play as well that can help you!
Just keep it Pokemon related, and it's fine!

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It's because I've never played any of the spin-off games and have never really been that interested by them. Most of them just look like pokemon versions of Farmville and all that crap.

But maybe we might have info in the future if they ever interest me.

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Well you should try them! They are a lot of fun and give you another way to see the pokemon universe!
To be honest, I've never looked at them closely. Maybe I'll see what the fuss is about!
Pokemaster you sounded like a teacher when you said:'Maybe I'll see what the fuss is about!'
Pokemon Ranger and Mystery Dungeon are AWESOME!!
Ranger, I'll give it a 4/10.Mystery Dungeon, I'll give it a 7/10.Link, I'll give t a 5/10
Ihave played shadowsof almia and explorers of sky they are all right.
SF where are your finger spaces?(that's what my teascher called them and I still can't find a different word but the same meaning for the "space")