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I put in "The Pika" and the my password and pressed enter and it said user not found then i tried again and it worked...

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OK, I 'm pretty sure I know what the problem is. I tested something.

When you put the wrong password, it says Pass not Correct.
When you put the wrong username, it says User not Found.
You probably put ThePika or forgot a letter or added an extra letter.

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nope, im sure i put it in there, if i could screen shot, i would.
Im 100% positive and besides, when  i pressed enter, it only deleted the password and not the user name so i only had to retype the password....
Why did you mark this as best if it doesn't solve the problem?
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The problem could be that your account name was switched like now your name is Gligurr .
It happened to me when I put Keldeo Infusion in and I had it changed to UltimateFusion8

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