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If you scroll down to Landorus, Thunderus, and Tornadus, their images are missing. However, both forms have been released.

EDIT: If you refresh the page, the images show up. Why? It would be more convinient for it to show up the first time.

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I see it to...
If you reload their images should be there. And it will be their old images anyway.
you mean refresh?
okay, I see it. but why is it that way?

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OK I made a change so that it will fix the issue for everyone without needing to reload.

It happened due to a "caching" issue - we set images and other files on the site to "cache" for a long time, which means the browser doesn't keep downloading the same images every time a page is opened. With the form changes and stuff the image needed updating :)

Good news: the proper Kyurem sprites are shown on http://pokemondb.net/black-white-2/exclusive :D

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