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So I went to Zapdos's pokedex page, and I saw that Pressure was its normal ability, and Lightning Rod as the HA. I am sure that Zapdos can't have Lightning Rod as a HA. I went to Bulbapedia and Serebii. Both said Static was the HA. So is that a mistake, because I am quite sure that Static is the HA.

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Um... yes, it's a mistake
Zapdos from gen 6 onwards has Static rather than Lightningrod as its hidden ability, yet Lightningrod is still displayed in the teambuilder as its hidden ability.
Oh okay.
It's no doubt a mistake.
  Zapdos had its ability changed in generation 6. Bulbapedia has already confirmed but
not this site. So it is not a mistake, this website hadn't updated Zapdos yet.

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