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I have to go to quick-search a pokemon, click a below question, and login there.

Any shorter ways, please?

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If you're using Chrome, it can auto-fill your log-in information for you (Password and User), than simply use the Remember me checkbox and you will stay logged in forever.
Other than that, it takes a mere few seconds to login. Either that or I don't understand your question at all, could you reword it if you need more help?
I don't understand what you are doing. What do you mean "click a below question" when you are on the quick search?
i think he means he does not know how to get to the Q&A, so he clicks on a question at the bottom of a Pokemon's page as a way to get here.
hes going to the pokedex page of the pokemon and clicking one of the questions on the page

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See the Navigation Bar??

Pokemon | Game Mechanics | Advanced | Other Stuff | Search (Magnifying Glass)

  1. Hover over Other Stuff (Right under Electivire)

  2. Click PokeBase Q&A

  3. Click Login

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UberPwnage is right, there is a link to Pokebase in the main menu. There are no login links on the main site because there are no member features on the main site. Logging in only has a purpose on the Pokebase sections.

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