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I'll be using this when I get Black or White 2 if you add it in.

Maybe have a section that is Hidden Hollows, saying what they are and what Pokemon can appear and all that crap. Then, have it so that on every route with Hidden Hollows, there is a hyperlink that leads you to pictures of the Hidden Hollows location on each Route.

-A suggestion by trachy (I used the wrong account)

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Well, I have all of them:

Hidden Hollows

Route 2
- Nidoran M/F (Hustle), Granbull (Rattled), Watchog (Analytic)

Route 3
 - Lombre (Own Tempo), Manectric (Minus), Bibarel (Moody), Pachirisu (Volt Absorb), Zebstrika (Sap Sipper)

Route 5
 - Liepard (Prankster), Mincinno (Skill Link), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 6
 - Woobat (Simple), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 7
 - Watchog (Analytic), Cubchoo (Rattled), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Seviper (Infiltrator)

Route 9
 - Muk (Poison Touch), Liepard (Prankster), Garbodor (Aftermath), Bouffalant (Soundproof)

Route 13
 - Tangela (Regenerator), Spheal (Oblivious), Drifloon (Flare Boost), Skorupi (Keen Eye), Foongus (Regenerator)

Route 18
 - Fearow (Sniper), Kingler (Sheer Force), Dragonite (Multiscale), Chatot (Big Pecks)

Route 22
 - Pelliper (Rain Dish), Amoonguss (Regenerator), Mienfoo (Reckless)

Route 23
 - Golduck (Swift Swim), Gligar (Immunity), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Seviper (Infiltrator), Absol (Justified)

Sangi Ranch
 - Marill (Sap Sipper), Dunsparce (Rattled), Herdier (Scrappy)

Pinwheel Forest
 - Butterfree (Tinted Lens, White 2), Beedrill (Sniper, Black 2), Poliwhirl (Swift Swim), Murkrow (Prankster), Breloom (Technician), Hariyama (Sheer Force), Medicham (Telepathy), Bagon (Sheer Force), Amoonguss (Regenerator)

Lostlorn Forest
 - Pinsir (Moxie), Heracross (Moxie), Combee (Hustle), Leavanny (Overcoat)

Giant Chasm
 - Clefairy (Friend Guard), Ditto (Imposter), Sneasel (Pickpocket), Metang (Light Metal)

Abundant Shrine
 - Vulpix (Drought), Golduck (Swift Swim), Swablu (Cloud Nine), Bronzor (Heavy Metal), Amoonguss (Regenerator)
That's not what he meant, lol. They have set locations in the routes, and they're hard as balls to find. He was talking a more specific location guide.

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