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I only saw Safari Zone Gate instead of Safari Zone.

Okay so if you were going to make it now, here are the Pokemon that appear:



Rattata Lv 15-17 (Morning, Day)
Abra Lv 15-17 (Morning, Day, Night)
Girafarig Lv 15-17 (Morning, Day, Night)
Smeargle Lv 17 (Morning, Day)
Raticate Lv 15-17 (Night)
Stantler Lv17 (Night)

I'll edit when I find more Pokemon that appear. Plus this is for Pokemon HG/SS.

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Ledian, we need to battle LC for our gym tourney battle, so make a team if you haven't already, and get to chat. I should be there pretty much most of today.
look up the Pokemon on bulbapedia.

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