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For the past few days, I have been hunting sneasel in my crystal version, so I checked the database on how rare they are, but did appear on the site (the Ice Path page), where the game says the game that sneasel can be found. Pokemon like Jynx can also be found in Ice Path in Crystal version, but was not indicated on the Ice Path page. I also noticed that none of the regular Pokemon that appear in all the 3 gen II games (Swinub, Zubat, nor Golbat) did not have their Crystal box highlighted.

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Alright, thanks for telling me. Even though my knowledge doesn't matter.
There maybe a error on the game that u May have may not have been playing.
No, I am certain that is not the case. Ever since I first encountered sneasel, in Crystal way back when, that the game said that the Pokemon was in Ice Path. I did encounter one, but KOed it by accendent. I first encountered sneasal at least 10 years or so, long before GB Colors became obsolete

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This was fixed a few months ago, finally.