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I just noticed that the Lilycove City page says Staryu can be found there in RSE, but Staryu's page says it has no locations in RSE. If the pages do automatically synchronize, does it take a while? How long usually? Please don't question my curiosity.

99% sure this is how it would work. The issue might lie elsewhere: I checked some other Pokémon on Lilycove City’s listing, and it’s missing on all their Pokédex pages too.

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Yes they do sync automatically. The entire site is database-driven, the location page and the locations section of the Pokedex page pull the data from the same place.

However we make heavy use of "caching" - storing a copy of the page - to avoid recomputing everything for every visitor. Most pages are cached for 24 hours. I've just refreshed the cache manually for Tentacool, you can see Lilycove City now. (It's usually refreshed automatically but updating the locations doesn't refresh the Pokedex.)

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It looks like Tentacool's page is the only one that updated though. All the others listed for Lilycove City don't say so on the Pokedex page. Staryu's page says to trade or migrate as the OP mentions. I checked Google's cache of the pages from over three days ago and the entries are missing there too, so it can't be a 24 hour refresh.
Is it worth looking into now, or will it just update in due time?
How about the 'questions on <insert pokemon here>' at the bottom of each Pokedex? Is that also automatic?
@Fizz I cleared the cache of that page manually. The others will update within 24hrs (I only added the Lilycove locations yesterday so it’s around 8hrs from now).
Ahh gotcha. Wasn’t aware the locations were new, don’t mind me haha.