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Can we log in with two computers on the same account?

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In chat, the user natedog 1776 was insulting people and saying his sister is doing it from his account on another computer. Is it possible to login to the same account on two computers?


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oo ok. Sry, misunderstood. I've done it from my home computer & my iPod. So i will say yes.
I am a witness. Cool.
I actually do this all the time. I'm logged into about 5 computers.
O.O What the heck.
You can open two different browsers and do it easily.
I always open two pages and go on my account on both. Very useful for Team-making if you want to stay on the Chat.

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Yes it is possible to log on with two different computers, because if you tick "Remember me" it will always keep you logged in.

But obviously, people shouldn't be using other people's accounts.....

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Okeydokey! I'm still wondering if this natedog fella is lying or not...