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Hello !

I don't often enter the Meta but I know its all about the site itself, so Gravatar questions should be posted here, no ?

My question is the following (Weird and somewhat ... stupid ... Sorry)

Some users has got the same Gravatar:

It looks like a "Log Out" button. I was wondering why.
First, I thought it was a hacked count that was pirating, but I saw late that the Gravatar was too much used to be from the same person.

So is it a Gravatar that automatically applies for banned counts or what else ?

I'm sorry if I'm not in right to post such question. Thank you in advance and have a nice day :)

Yeah, I wondered the same thing, I asked this already. ;)

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If you have your account set to show a gravatar, but have no custom gravatar selected on your gravatar account, that picture will show up. Also, it's a sideways G, standing for Gravatar.

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I thought it was for banned accounts ... Thank you