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Im not sure why it has been made so that only pokemaster can change usernames, and while it makes sense, it just seems really complicated to me. Here are some reasons why I do and don't think that this is a good idea:


  1. It keeps users from erratically changing their names so that no one will recognize them.
  2. It keeps inappropriate/explicit content out of usernames.


  1. It is frustrating to have to post on the name rater post.
  2. Your name being changed is dependent upon whenever pokemaster logs on, and pokemaster is a pretty busy guy, so who knows if he will even see it? And once he does see it who knows if he will have time to change your username at that moment? It could be weeks before our name is changed!
  3. What with all the hidden posts that are probably on the name rater question, I would think that it would clog things up for pokemaster.

So maybe if an auto-censor was installed, we could just put a change username button at the bottom of the my account page. I really doubt too many people would try explicit usernames, and the censor would help. Also, there could be a feature that limits someone's username, so that outside of pokemasters authority, a user could only change their name every 2 months, to avoid erratic name changing.

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Then we would go from a Database to MySpace.
lol true ^
Hard as it is to wait Poke'master will & does change your name at one point so,
Patience does it.
I don't see the purpose. New users have 2 hours or so to change theirs.

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I think this system is a good compromise between letting users change their username any time, and not being able to change at all (like it is on some forums).

If users can change any time, some users will start changing their username once a week and then no one knows who they are (yes, it happened before when we did allow people to change).

I do check the username thread fairly regularly - most names are changed within a week, I think the most anyone has had to wait is two weeks. And it doesn't clog up the name rate thread because old answers get fully deleted after a while. I just cleaned it up now.

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