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The reason I suggest this is because there's a large list of users here that could really use some name changing. Plus it would mean there really are Bros in Profile Cleaner Bros. That is, until we get our first female mod. Oh wait trachy... nvm

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That would be Ideal.
Merp, Like, wut, JUst say edit profiles. :P
9 minutes ago I did. It sounds like a good idea, I just don't know how people will feel about mods with that kind of power.

DT's point doesn't mean squat (imho) to what I suggested, but I think it is valid in terms of editing a person's profile. That's like the one place someone can post stuff, and if it's really nasty what they have there, then I'm sure PM would eventually delete it anyway. @SS101's comment
But that's Lenub's burn. D:
Anything that increases the bro population is fine by me
Totally bumping cuz loldbag here.

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