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For those who aren't aware of the current situation, there is currently a user going around who keeps on creating alts and spamming the chat and trolling mods. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but they are mostly abusing a formatting error by spamming until it creates a scrollbar and extends the maximum width of the chat page, which kind of gives me a headache to look at. It would be amazing if there was a way for mods or editors to reset the chat to evade spammers like this.

Idk but the only editor who's in chat daily is Hellfire Taco. I think we also should let Experts have a role in chat by having the kick feature while mods/editors have the feature you suggested.
Yeah, but there should be an option to kick for a time longer than 10 minutes.
This is actually a pretty good idea. Not only could we remove stuff that you mentioned, but we could also remove inappropriate links that people have posted, like in the past. However, deleting individual messages might be a better option. Clearing the entirety of chat would get the job done faster, but that could ruin people's conversations, (which, I guess would probably already be ruined if there's a spammer) however, deleting individual messages would be tedious and could potentially take too long.

As for allowing experts to kick people, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. In the past, Gligurr abused his power as an expert, and, while I'm pretty sure that's the only case of that happening, it could potentially happen again. I'm not sure if this is possible, or how hard it would be for PM to implement, but maybe a system for experts to start a vote to kick a user, and if a certain number or percent of the people currently in chat also vote for the user to be kicked, the user is kicked. There's still potential for that to be abused, but I feel like it would be much harder to do so.
@CC everyone can get the Expert rank if trying enough, they can kick people whenever they want.
oh HT basically said what i said great.

@HT, that [The vote to kick thing] could be easy to abuse, make 2 dupes/double the amount of other people that are in the chat room and kick them
@CC another option would be to just promote some experts who are usually active in chat to editor (and promoting HT to mod, so that he can ban the spammer’s accounts instead of just kicking him). I realize how that sounds coming from me, but it has been almost a year since the last promotions post; it might be about time for another.
Although I don’t know how much promotion power Fizz has, and nobody knows the next time PM’s going to check in.
@SYL I wouldn't really call that easy to abuse. It'd definitely be not difficult, but creating that many dupes would requite a decent amount of work, depending on how many people are in chat and what percent of the people in chat is required to kick.
@KRLW, I like your idea, since we really need another mod and some editors. From my point of view, former mods and editors are busy with college and I don't think they really have time for this website. There should be a new era of mods and editors on this site, but the problem I see is that it's difficult to promote some editors and mods because of trust, and the limited number of staff who are actually active. The best thing we can do is wait.
I personally think this is a great idea, but I support both arguements.

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