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Mods having aliases on chat?

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I think this is a good idea. :3

I thin that the mods should have the ability to change their usernames all the time, so when they are on chat the chatters won't know who they are, and so the mods will go full on undercover, with really esponiagy spy glasses and can be all 'HA! YOU GOT BUUUURNED' when the chatters do something wrong. And no one would have ever knoooooown... >:)

And then, these mods with aliases would have the ability to have two profiles - their alias' profile and their real profile. Whenever they're on chat, they can put on their alias profile (and it would totally mess up, let alone just clear the profile) so anyone who decides to visit a seemingly-new-user won't be fooled by the many years the new user had been on the site.

Do you get it? Then all the mods would be like one of those really awesome spies with really cool spy glasses! :D
Any helpful opinions? :3

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Seeing as most of the people who troll don't know who the mods are anyway, this would be slightly redundant.

Also I see them abusing it a lot xD
Just sounds like a chance for Mods to troll the username system.
We already do this from time to time with second accounts. We just tell pokemaster which ones we use and don't use them for anything else.
:O wow, DT
Well that wasn't creepy at all DT
With the recent information revealed by DT, someone needs to go Edward Snowden on this site. :I

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I'd honestly prefer the constant presence of authority on chat stopping people from doing anything rather than people causing problems in the first place. I'm guessing the other mods would feel the same way, since we don't take joy out of dealing punishment. So really, this suggestion seems utterly worthless.

And as DT mentioned, we can just make dupes if we wanted to do this. I don't know any mod who does do this, because as I said, I'd prefer to be the parent who is always watching their child and making sure they don't have sex with the girl who is over rather than just getting home and upon finding your child and the girl already well under way, stopping the sex. But yeah, it's always an easy option that removes the need for Pokemaster to concern his time on something like this.

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LOL well said.
love the analogy
o_o Fair enough.
'since we dont take joy from dealing punishment'

Must of been fun at least a few times :P
Not really.

Sorry guys, my dupe is candy.

And trach, parents worry about  the daughter. Your analogy is illogical and I am outraged on the internet.
"we don't take joy out of dealing punishment"

Someone doesn't own any whips and chains. Noob.

And I'm the guy that poisons the guy taking the daughter out and offering the antidote in exchange for her safe return.