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There could be a little box somewhere on the side with a list of users. Example:

The Pika
Victini Victory
Mew :3

Now, notice (Abnormal!1) is there. Let's take Rio as an example (As always). After answering a question, she feels like chatting. She sees my name "Ooh!", she sees JCM "OOH!", but then she sees Abnormal, "...nvm." She will see it's better if she doesn't go because someone she doesn't like is there.

This will be a great addition beause it will greatly cut down on the drama here.

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I've suggested this before and love it
Can you give me a link to yours?
Well that's great but the account Abnormal is banned :P
the pika?! ashfkdghxcz

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I may do something similar to what Blobyolo suggested, and only have users appear after they have been in the chat for a few seconds. But as usual it will be a while before I get round to it.

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