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Same as when you leave chat.

Just a little thing to add to chat to announce someone is on. It's always nice to have people know when you come on and off. :3

Nuuuuu! with this I can't sneak out every few minutes >_> &also if I dc as much as I do now there'll be mega flood!
Yeah - I can't see this being a priority, but there's no harm in suggesting it. I've noticed many instances where the chat wasn't moving consistently with the online list, so an updater in the chat itself might help. The only major issue I could see would be the possibility of spamming the message on chat, or how refreshing the page would affect this.
well our PS! server has this by default and we don't realyl have any problems there. Plus, peak time we have around the same amount of users.
I was using Recoded's logic for this - you have this on your PS server, why shouldnt we have it here?
Same as all the Smogon suggestions way back, you're just getting these from Showdown.

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