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This way, you could check if your friends [that use the site obviousy] are online so you could chat to or battle them. Unless you have no friends in which the feature is pointless.

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I recall this being suggested at some point a long time ago, no luck finding what came of it though. This is pretty standard for online communities, would be good to hear an updated stance on it.
Upvoting this and bumping this. Pokemaster needs to see this
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I upvoted too good idea.
How would this even work?
It would show if you are logged in at the moment. It is an extremely common aspect of online communities in the year of 2018.
This would be nice to have, especially when there are tournaments in progress.
THIS NEEDS TO BE CREATED. I'm up-voting this.

Well, you could just go to Discord, but some/most people "here," don't do that.

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