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If, say for instance, someone started saying really messed up and horrible on their wall things that made other people want to leave the site, and refuse to take them down. If there was a flag option for wall posts this could possibly stop these kind of things when bringing to a mod's attention. Make it the same amount of points to flag on the site itself.

I thought of this before, but at some point I realized that the user whos wall is being posted on can just delete them. And flagging wall posts can also be abused. You could spam flag someone to get them in trouble for something, even if it was a joke, or annoy mods by spamming that on many wall posts, and they would have to look through each one because there is no way of knowing a fake one from a real one.
Yes, but what would happen if that user wasn’t active any more?
Well they wouldn't really care then would they? But I do see your point
If they aren’t active, wall posts can’t annoy them
I think pianogeek partly meant that they could post offensive things but no one except mods would be able to do anything about it. They don't even have to be directed to the person who's wall is posted on, they could just use it for somewhere to post it. (Or that's how I understood it anyway)
Mods can’t actually delete wall posts on other people’s walls (Pokemaster has said that it’s on his very long to-do list), so flagging wall posts would only be useful for alerting mods to inappropriate behavior. At this point, it wouldn’t be too much different than our current system of just going to a mod’s wall (or DMing one of us on Discord) and telling us about it there, possibly with a screenshot of it in case the it gets deleted, since we can’t see deleted wall posts.
Oh oops

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