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So, this feature would be for answers. This is because some answers are long and detailed. This means sometimes answers would have a lot of characters. There is a limit on the amount of characters in an answer, so could there be a feature that can be added that allows people to see the amount of characters that they have when they type out an answer? This is to make people aware of how much characters they can write in an answer.

Does it matter? All you have to do is copy/paste the question into a Word Doc and you'll find out how many chars are in it.
Good point. But what if someone doesn't has access to a word document?
there's sites that let you count the number of characters you have. but i definitely do believe this should be integrated into the site itself.
Yeah, this would be a great quality of life feature for a website with a character limit. Though character count or not, if you're going to make long answers I suggest people use external apps like using word docs since there's no save or draft feature in this site, so you might lose a lot of progress on accident.
Why would you want to know how many characters are in your answer/question? I mean like why the heck does it matter
because there is a character limit
@PK did you read the question? "there is a limit on the amount of characters in an answer"
Oh. Didn’t see that

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