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Of course, it doesn't bother me that much, but there's no point in it.

Me not being a competitive battler, I have no use for the RMT and I still have 20 points on it. I just think though - why show the message? I mean, on the contrary I have over 9,000 points on the Pokebase, and have thoroughly read the rules - can we just let that message show on all sections depending on your Pokebase points, and let it fade depending on your Pokebase points?

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I like this idea, but make it dependant on the section you have the most points in, not just PokeBase.
Well, okay - but most people get the most points in the Pokebase section as opposed to the others. So that wouldn't mean much, really. :3
Was that a DBZ reference?
No, but I see what you mean. xD
Or make it dependant on account age
Or Eevee's suggestion. :3

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