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I think we can use this to tell people why we hid/rejected a post, in addition for kick/ban reasons and warnings. Plus for just plain old friendly wall posting.

However, doing all of these is difficult when we have a post limit per hour. Can you remove it?

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It would make sense removing the Moderator limit.
What about us non mod users? I cannot delete OR post things right now!!!
@Pathfinder ELG13, I, being a non-mod myself, are affected by this. Not completely. Non-mods may be spammers, causing havoc and chaos through DB! Mods are PMs 'right hand (wo)men' so that PM CAN trust them NOT to spam excessively. ;3
Just men, because Pokemaster is uber sexist. :P
LOL trachy. I promise you, I'll be the first female mod. >:D Unless Rio or SP beat me to it..
Currently this is not possible in the software, but I'll look into changing that. And leave the question unanswered until then.

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