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So far, I haven't found one. At least not a set limit. I guess the whole "This page will freeze up if you try to post this" thing is a limit.
I want to test this! Actually, I'll do it right now.
Through looking at the HTML source, I don't think there is a limit.
I may be wrong though since I'm not very experienced.
If you can post on a banned person's wall, could you paste like 5 RMTs there and see if you're stopped?
Good test, do it my wall then i'll just delete them?

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I found this:

<textarea name="message" id="message" rows="2" cols="40" class="qa-form-tall-text">

EDIT: The code above is the size of the text area. Nothing to do with the limit. Apart from that I've Cmd + F 'd every part of the text area for 'Maxlength' and 'input' and no results. So I'm not sure there's one. Although PM could of hid the code which is possible but I don't see a reason for it. What I was looking for is this basically:

<input id="message" class="qa-chat-post input-text" type="text" name="ajax_add_message" autocomplete="off" maxlength="800">

This came from chat and If you look it says:
> maxlength="800"

This means the maximum character limit for a chat post is 800 words. Because I can't find that on the wall script that's what leads me to believing there's no Character limit on walls.

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There has to be one. If there isn't then I'm starting an uprising, because that means the character cap is higher for wall posts than it is for RMT posts xD
I posted a song on someone's wall, saw nothing about a limit.