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  • Three to five users must agree to kick a user.

  • You must give a valid reason for kicking.

  • Everyone must give a similar reason for kicking.

    This will be helpful because usually, there are there these types of users when something bad happens.

    They don't have to be Experts if they have 6000 points and want to kick.

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6,000+ basically means Expert? :P
Yeah but what if they don't want to be an Expert? They should still have the privilage.
Are you saying that because of UCM's? Because you by yourself can't change how the site runs. And if you don't want expert, stop at 5,000 points or something.
Okay, first of all why does everyone think I don't want to be an Expert because of the UCM's? They disbanded anyway. And it's not that its
its what? :P

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Haha, how many times did you edit this? Anyway, yeah I'm working on something like this.

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