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I wanted to say that for users that get kicked, they should get a different message instead, like "You've been kicked for [some minutes]", so someone that gets kicked for their first times understand they got kicked than wondering why there is an error.
Just a small suggestion, thanks

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There is a message there actually (unless people have lied to me). It might just be a bug with the site, or the computer isn't displaying the message for some reason.

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Actually, when a person is kicked it says "You have been kicked from chat. Take a moment to cool down. Your ban will expire in (however longer they have wait) minutes."
Or something like that. Can't remember the exact message.

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I think it's 'Take a moment to chill'. I'm not sure, never been kicked. Proud to keep that record. xD
Been kicked before, u got it right
Well when a person first gets kicked, they stay in the chat room... And when they try to post, they get "error". That's what I meant...
That's just for a second though, then they get the screen I mentioned.